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April 13, 2012

About a year ago I visited some friends in Mystic, Connecticut.  Several people told me I absolutely had to make sure I went whale-watching while I was there.

But I got stuck in awful traffic and arrived after sundown, and you can’t go whale-watching at night.

And so:


Giant Plant Monster

April 6, 2012

One time a friend told me she was romantically interested in a particular man, but had reservations because “he was from a different race than me.”  I responded, “Oh, he was a giant plant monster?”

It inspired this:

Because, of course, everyone I know is a member of the human race.

Just a Bang and a Clatter

September 7, 2011

I did this one in a hotel lobby at 3am.  Couldn’t get these lyrics out of my head.

Angel of the Boardwalk

August 15, 2011

The Perfect Wave

August 4, 2011

Last year I saw the Endless Summer for the first time. It was my first surfing movie, and I was completely enthralled. The opening music and images were enough to take you out of your daily grind and focus your mind on a setting so ideal that, even if you quit your job to spend the rest of your life on the beach, still couldn’t measure up to the film’s fantasy world.

But mostly I was impressed, for the first time, with the idea of surfing. These guys weren’t trying to constantly top each other or keep finding a higher, more dangerous and extreme rush. And it wasn’t about competition, either. These two dudes just wanted to find the perfect wave. And for them, the perfect wave wasn’t some 50 foot monster in the middle of the ocean; it was a small wave that kept going and going, that could keep you surfing peacefully for hours on end.

And they found it. Right in the middle of the movie. And it sure seemed fantastic. So here’s my little ode to a world I really admire but could probably never participate in: that of the surfer.

This is also the beginning of a series of summer-themed pictures.


Oh and also, this is the first time I’ve ever attempted to draw a guy without a shirt.

Queen of the Supermarket

February 22, 2010

Special prize to anybody who can decipher my handwriting and  identify every product on the shelf:

img275 by you.

Presidential Outtakes

February 5, 2010

Remember a few months ago when I posted that drawing of Richard Nixon?

img251 by you.

That was actually based on a nightmare I had about being attacked by a zombie Nixon. He was part of an army of the celebrity undead led by the recently-deceased Michael Jackson.

But I digress.

I probably spent more time working on that picture of Nixon than on every other Silly Little Drawing combined.  So I’m gonna post some of the outtakes from that, um…”drawing session:”

img264 by you.

You can kind of see what I was going for.  Maybe.

But anyway, I’m pretty convinced that this collection of Nixon heads is the best work I’ve ever done:

img252 by you.

Lost in the Flood (Self-Portrait # 6)

July 15, 2009

So, did I ever tell you about the time I got stuck in a flood and almost drowned in my car?

Two years ago – to the day – I got stuck in a flood  and almost drowned in my car.  Escaped through the window.  Watched the car float down the highway.  The firemen said there were four ways I could’ve died.

Here is my dramatic interpretation of those events:


July 13, 2009

He noticed somebody killing a rat in the corner.

Goodbye, Underwear

June 18, 2009