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Queen of the Supermarket

February 22, 2010

Special prize to anybody who can decipher my handwriting and  identify every product on the shelf:

img275 by you.

Do I Have To Do This All Over Again?

February 13, 2010
Another Monkee-themed picture.  If you get this reference, you’re a true Monkees fan.
img263 by you.

More of the Monkees

February 10, 2010

Another classic album cover.  At some point I should try to do some drawings inspired from specific songs on this record – Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow, The Day We Fall In Love, Laugh…this one has some true gems on it.

img265 by you.

And here’s the actual cover:

God Said to Abraham, “Kill Me a Son…”

February 7, 2010

Another interpretation of a classic album cover:

img268 by you.

And an “alternate take:”

img266 by you.

Presidential Outtakes

February 5, 2010

Remember a few months ago when I posted that drawing of Richard Nixon?

img251 by you.

That was actually based on a nightmare I had about being attacked by a zombie Nixon. He was part of an army of the celebrity undead led by the recently-deceased Michael Jackson.

But I digress.

I probably spent more time working on that picture of Nixon than on every other Silly Little Drawing combined.  So I’m gonna post some of the outtakes from that, um…”drawing session:”

img264 by you.

You can kind of see what I was going for.  Maybe.

But anyway, I’m pretty convinced that this collection of Nixon heads is the best work I’ve ever done:

img252 by you.

Mink Car

February 3, 2010

My artistic interpretation of Robert Smith:

img261 by you.

The cut off text should read “The sun is up, I’m so happy I could scream!”

The Wrestler and the Dancer

February 2, 2010

Thanks to everybody, both on and offline, who’s asked about the blog and wondered why there haven’t been any silly little drawings lately.  I can only blame it on a lack of artistic inspiration.

But I’ll have a few new pitchers for ya over the next few days:

img270 by you.