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She Shot Me Down

September 23, 2009



September 19, 2009

That last one was terrible, even by my standards.  Here’s something a little more conventional.

Born to Run

September 17, 2009

I’m back!  With a new title (“HIGH STEPPIN’!”), a slightly new look, and, most importantly, a new category of Silly Little Pictures.

Behold!  Silly little pictures: classic album covers edition.

For our first installment, I’ll ruin – err, pay homage to – my all time favorite album.  Yup, it’s “Born to Run.”

Look at that smudge between their heads. A rather pitiful result of an attempt to white-out an arm I accidentally drew coming out of Bruce’s head.  It’s tempting to apologize for it…but really, there’s so much to apologize for with this picture that once I start, I’ll be at it for days.

Compare and enjoy:


September 14, 2009

Dear readers,

Having trouble with themes, layouts, ect.  I’m colorblind, which isn’t making things any easier.  In fact, I’d love some help from anybody blessed with the ability to process different colors.

Awesome pictures to follow as soon as I figure this crap out.