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Lincoln Memorial

January 19, 2009

Well…it’s a historic week.  Today, for instance, we had the big inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial, which included an 89 year-old Pete Seeger singing the obscure,  pro-worker/anti-racist verses of “This Land is Your Land” to the next President of the United States.  Even George Lucas was digging it.

We’ve been hearing a lot about Lincoln, lately, so I thought I’d share one of my eaaaarliest “Silly Little Drawings” with you.  This one is from 1986.

It is entitled…”Abraham Lincoln:”



January 3, 2009

Hey…happy new year!  Let’s celebrate the holiday season (well, I guess the holiday season is technically over now) with some of my favorite words.

First, we have:

Tapes.  That’s “tapes,” in case you can’t read my handwriting.  Extra points to anybody who can identify what it says on the front of the VHS tape.

Next, we have:

Of course, that’s “pants.”  Pants!  He’s not wearing any pants!  I tried to draw some airplanes on his boxers, but they didn’t come out very well, so he’s wearing plain underwear.  And no pants.

And finally, let’s not forget:

Happy new year!