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Rosie vs. The Hipsters

October 28, 2008

This is Rosie.  She just doesn’t know where she fits in anymore.

Slick hipsters like this guy (that’s a cigarette butt in his mouth, for the record) are the reason why:



October 6, 2008

Things have been glum lately, so let’s try to cheer ourselves up with a Bible b-side.

Specifically, the good ‘ol prophet Jeremiah forcasting doom for the people of Israel.

Now, it’s not too surprising that a Hebrew prophet would travel through ancient Israel predicting that the people’s ungodly ways would result in their destruction.  That’s like, over half of the Old Testament.

But what makes this particular story so endearing is that God instructs Jeremiah to stop washing his underwear.  Then he tells him to take the soiled loincloth and hide it in a crevice on the mountainside.

“Many days later,” Jeremiah retrieves the filthy undergarment, holds it high over his head, and proclaims: