Chainsaws? I don’t like chainsaws!

Here is my artistic rendering of the talking tree in front of the haunted house at Long Island’s Adventure Land amusement park.  At least, this is how I remember him, since I was last there when I was 10 or so.

Here is a transcript of the conversation he had with the owl that used to hang out on his branches (shit, I forgot to draw the owl!) as best as I remember it.

Owl:  I wouldn’t go in there, if I were you!
Tree:  Why not?  What’s wrong with a little fun in the dark at Adventure Land?
Owl:  Nothing – if your idea of fun is being chased by a man with a CHAINSAW!
Tree:  Chainsaw?  I don’t like chainsaws!  I once had a close shave with one!
Owl:  Then watch out you silly tree, because I think…I hear…him COMING!

I never understood why the tree joined in on the maniacal laughter, considering how frightened he was supposed to be by that point.

I really hope he’s still at Adventure Land.


7 Responses to “Chainsaws? I don’t like chainsaws!”

  1. shewalkssoftly Says:

    The tree is NO DOUBT my favorite thing at Adventureland. We need to pay him a visit. I’d be very disappointed if they changed him.

    And thanks for including the link to the park. The pictures are very entertaining.

  2. Orlick Says:

    I love this routine! thanks for posting this.

  3. Leeann Says:

    I have to say, by the way you were talking about your silly little drawings on the train I was completely not expecting a talking tree! I have a thing with trees. If I ever get a website started I’ll be sure to let you know and you can take a look! =^P

    P.S- Death with Interruptions is getting weirder. Love it! heh.

  4. portagee Says:

    There’s going to be a movie coming out in March based on working at Adventureland (though it was filmed at another park):

  5. Adventureland « The Official Roni Weiss Blog Says:

    […] that was oft-mocked by my family.  To get the exact words, I searched online and found a blog, Silly Little Drawings, that had the whole dialogue. Owl:  I wouldn’t go in there, if I were you! Tree:  Why not?  […]

  6. matthew Says:

    the tree is STILL at adventureland!
    I went tonight to try the new haunted house (trailor mounted import from germany) and upon shedding a tear while walking past where the old house was and hearing the dialog I looked and right adjacent to where the old house used to be is the tree and owl! I got a picture standing next to it (its huge)
    only thing that coulda been better was if there was a button you could press and it started the dialog agani, moving mouth and branches and all. oh the memories!

  7. Carol Gum Says:

    It was:
    Tree: “Chainsaw? I don’t like chainsaws, I once had a close shave with one and by the way if I \get my limbs on you…”

    Owl: “Petrify yourself you silly tree, because I think I hear him coming!”

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