You May Be Right

Stranded in the combat zone!
Walked through Bedford Stuy alone!
Even rode my motorcycle in the rain!

Yeah man, I’m baaaaaad.  Bad ass, man.  Yup.  Dude, I’m SO bad, I walk THROUGH POOR NEIGHBORHOODS ALL BY MYSELF!

I’ll also be keeping my eyes open for those same neighborhoods to get nice, y’know.  Buy my daughter a condo there, maybe invest in a wine & cheese shop and whatnot.

But that’s all a few years down the road.  For now, I’m going to be a real tough guy and continue singing about how I WALKED THROUGH BEDFORD STUY ALONE!

I just may be the LUNATIC you’re looking for!

*Note:  Yes, I live in Long Island and I’m sick of hearing Billy Joel songs everywhere I go.


One Response to “You May Be Right”

  1. shewalkssoftly Says:

    I too find that line ridiculous, obnoxious and offensive.

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