November 27, 2012

Hey ho there.  Just checking in for a sec.  Nothing really new to see, though in case you stumbled upon this blog via Google (or I know you in the real world and tricked you into visiting) I just made a new category over there on the left called “Greatest Hits,” with all my “best” drawings in one place.

Including this good ol’ fellow:

Dream It All Up Again

July 3, 2012

Time for a little break.  No idea how long it’ll be for.  The last one lasted between March 2010 and July 2011.  And in fact, since I came back about a year ago, I’ve been remarkably consistent about updating this thing….but now I’m out of pictures, out of time, and in need of a little break.  A summer vacation, perhaps.

So, bye-bye, for now.

Sample and Hold

July 2, 2012

Did you know Neil Young has a song about a dating service for robots?

I, too, would like a unit to sample and hold.


Everybody Needs Somebody

June 28, 2012

One day I decided to myself, “I’m going to draw a picture of the soul legend Solomon Burke.”

At some point I decided, either consciously or subconsciously, to make no attempt whatsoever for said picture to bear any resemblance at all to Solomon Burke.  I didn’t even make him fat.

Nevertheless….everybody needs somebody to love.


June 26, 2012

This guy, just….things haven’t been going his way.

Racing in the Street

June 26, 2012

Away from sci-fi, back to song lyrics.

Also, sorry in advance, but…I’ve gotta.

Urgham and Melkar

June 6, 2012

Here are a few aliens:



Raconte-Moi Une Histoire

June 3, 2012

It’s very funny to be a frog!

And just for fun, here’s a frog:




May 27, 2012

I guess this is Phipps?

Shocked and Appalled

May 23, 2012

She’s not sure about this bow tie thing either.